University of Naples Federico II

University Colleges and Facilities
(Naples, Italy)

The academic structure of the university is divided into poles. These poles are composed of the following: Sciences and Technologies, Human and Social Sciences, and Science and Technologies for the Life. Each pole is divided into 13 faculties. Most of the university's faculties are taught in Italian, but there are a few faculties that are taught in English.

Faculty of Agriculture

This faculty focuses on Agriculture as a scientific and technical study. It teaches students to practice learned theories using seminars, laboratory work, guided demonstrations, technical visits, and other activities. Some of its programmes focus on agrarian sciences, animal production technology, and vegetable propagation.

Faculty of Architecture

This faculty aims to mould its students into skilled architects by teaching them the basics of furnishing, building, architectural science, restoration, city management, territorial and urban planning, and building maintenance.

Faculty of Economy

This faculty originated from the Advanced Institute of Economic Sciences of Naples built in 1920. It was formally established as a faculty in 1936 and now teaches its students how to become finance experts, people managers, and economists. Courses offered include business economy, tourism science, and statistics and computer science.

Faculty of Pharmacy

This faculty offers various courses in quality control, drug chemistry, erboristeria, and scientific product information.

Faculty of Law

This faculty offers courses in social services, jurisprudence, and legal sciences.

Faculty of Engineering

This faculty is one of the first faculties of the university and offers various courses on polytechnic engineering.

Faculty of Letters and Philosophy

This faculty focuses on the teaching of classical and modern history, and provides students with knowledge on the foundations of philosophy.

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

This faculty produces the country's future doctors and medical practitioners.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

This faculty began in 1798 and is one of the oldest faculties in the university.

Faculty of Biotechnologies

This faculty is one of the newest faculties of the university, being established only in 2001. It was built to address the need of professionals in the field of biotechnology. It offers courses in Food and Agricultural biotechnologies, Health biotechnologies, and Industrial biotechnologies.

Faculty of Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences

This faculty is composed of over 387 teaching staff members committed to teaching courses in the natural, physical, and mathematical sciences.

Faculty of Political Sciences

This faculty was founded in 1927 and became an independent faculty in 1972. It offers various courses in statistics, international relations, and public administration.

Faculty of Sociology

This faculty was instituted in 1994 and offers sociology-related undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes.

Naples University

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