University of Naples Federico II

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(Naples, Italy)

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Hotels in Naples are strategically located around the city centre and near common tourist attractions. Naples' accommodation ranges from the modestly-priced hotel chains to extravagant five-star hotels. If you are travelling alone or with family, you will find suitable accommodation in Naples.

Hotels and Accommodation

Naples offers a variety of accommodation for travellers and visitors. Generally, accommodation is expensive, although there are some hotels that are affordable for travellers on a budget. They may be small hotels, but spacious enough to accommodate individuals or couple travellers, as well as families.

For students, accommodation must be booked prior to your first day of school. Naples hotels are usually fully booked from July to August. It is best to reserve your accommodation in advance, either online or by phone. Depending on the accommodation, a service charge may be included or excluded in the rental.

Student Accommodation

Like most Italian universities, the University of Naples Federico II does not offer in-campus guaranteed residences for foreign students. However, a company called Performance offers assistance to students looking for accommodation. Accommodation in Naples is not too far from the campus. It consists mostly of buildings, flats, and hostels that are affordable enough for short- and long-term stays. Most of this accommodation is self-catered. Students living here will be responsible for their meals and house cleaning.

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